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by admin, February 5, 2016


Elyzium Interior Designers is one of the young Mindful Design Consulting firm and we will always have that special “newborn” feeling towards any fun project. Whether you’re in the process of leasing a new space, or want to revamp your existing space, we can help deliver your brand through your interior space. Together with the vision of the owners we accomplish the style of combining brand with interior design.

Interior Design and brand thinking involves, conceptualisation of Branding which includes theme selection, colour coordination, materials selection, furniture design in accordance with the brand identity.

Combining interior design and brand thinking

What is Interior Branding?

It is a tool to communicate the essence of your company’s brand identity through the design of your physical environment – which can be a retail space, a day or medical spa, a restaurant or an office.

From conceptual ideas to plans on how best to use the space; from sourcing furniture to electrical plans; from colour schemes to project management, we produce creative solutions and manage the process effectively and efficiently. Branding and Graphic Design in integrated into the Interiors and Architecture by us early in the work process. The very essence of your company is carefully woven into the interiors.

We start with a workshop where we explore and advise on different ideas, which we then sketch up. We can then help as much or as little as you need to detail and implement the design.

We playfully use the interiors to sell your brand, advertise it and market it.

Why not use your company logo on a few cabinet shutters instead of safe patterns?! Why not play the advertisements and product displays of your brand constantly on a screen and keep clients entertained? In a reciprocating process, we design around your brand and use your brand to the optimum level in our design, resulting in long lasting, versatile, simple, functional and classy interior spaces. Different Commercial Outlets of your brand will make your clients feel like they’re in the same place, providing that uniformity, comfort and identifiably which creates a brand in the first place. Ceiling colour, wall colour, lighting, materials used, sound background, interior temperature, etc are all of vital importance. We custom design and procure materials, finishes and accessories that shout out your brand name and create an interior which belongs uniquely to your brand and works towards promoting it. We help business owners seamlessly integrate their brands into physical locations.


  1. We want to discuss the client’s initial idea for a project – this helps us understand their philosophy and what’s vital to them, both functionally and aesthetically.
  2. We would also look at a client’s website, brochures or flyers, to determine if they have branding in place that needs to be incorporated in the interior design.
  3. Then, we create an inspiration board that illustrates the brand attributes through interior design—it may contain sample pictures, relevant words, colours, art, and design features.
  4. The client is then asked for feedback on what they do or don’t like about the board.
  5. From there, we begin drawing the design features, and finalise colours, lighting, artwork and furniture that are similar to the items displayed on the inspiration board.
  6. We meet with the client during each of these steps to receive their input and make changes, where ever necessary.


  • SIGNAGE – Lets show off your logo in 3D projections, as a wallpaper, as wooden alphabets at the entry also used as cabinets, or simply at the reception – whichever fits your interior space the best.
  • COLOR –Predominant and smart usage of the colour of your logo in the interiors will very unconsciously reinforce your brand and create a unique identity for the interiors.
  • QUALITY OF MATERIALS – At Elyzium, we never compromise on the quality of materials used in Interior Spaces. Let your interiors speak for you and make it clear that you never settle for less. Good and long lasting materials spell out that you don’t compromise on your raw materials and one can be assured of the Quality Control standards maintained by your brand.
  • AMBIENCE – Your clients must just feel comfortable the minute they walk in and know how much they matter to you. A feel good factor is vital and we work towards ensure it.
  • FURNITURE – We ensure uniformity in the furniture at different outlets to create strong branding and a lasting impression.
  • BUILDING THE BRAND NATIONALLY – Multiple outlets are a great facilitator in brand building, and we extend our services to different cities as well. Interiors can be designed planned and executed by us in a synchronised and planned manner targeting at building a brand, across various different cities and locations.

Our Services in this aspect include:

  • Planning of the space
  • Design development
  • Cabinetry and furniture design
  • Colour analysis
  • Material specification and selection
  • Selection and procurement of artwork and accessories
  • Installations and execution work

Ideas are brainstormed after intense discussion with developers to ensure that their vision comes to life in the most visually pleasing manner.

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